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Our Ventures

Planet of the Grapes

Escape to Planet of the Grapes, a serene nature retreat that offers warm hospitality, comfortable stays, and memorable events, all wrapped in the embrace of nature.

Greenland Shamiyana

Immerse yourself in the magic of Greenland Shamiyana, an enchanting land that transforms into your dream wedding or celebration venue, designed to match your unique vision and create cherished memories.

Water Woods

Indulge in the beauty of Water Woods, where elegant bungalows nestled amidst lush foliage provide a modern oasis overlooking Vaitarna Dam. Experience contemporary comfort intertwined with sustainable living.

Ranjana Infrastructures

At Ranjana Infrastructures, we specialize in government contracting and infrastructural development. Our expertise shapes the future, creating essential projects that enhance communities and drive progress.

GrowZone Industrial Park

Welcome to GrowZone Industrial Park, where efficient industrial warehouse layouts are constructed and delivered within just 6 months. Designed to cater to your business needs, we ensure swift and effective solutions for your industrial space requirements.