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About Us

We are a professionally managed Wealth Management entity specializing in services like portfolio analysis, investment consultation and real estate development

We have a team of experienced and talented individuals specialising in research driven business modules. We also have a team of chartered accountants who take care of quarterly earnings and filter reports to generate proper statistical strategies. Our team is groomed to give dedicated and committed services to our clients.


Wealth Management

As per the goal and vision by collecting the right monetory data we will do a complete financial planning for you, mitigating the risk of capital security.

Portfolio Analysis

Detailed data driven rational would be provided on your existing investments.

Investment Consultation

All the asset classes not only the capital markets but any format of investments.

Real estate Development

Need based solutions with a realistic approach rather than emotional decisions Home purchase planning, leisure stay-cation place, passive income source from real estate, cultivation oriented agriculture lands.

Core Values


in every action

We recommend, advise or buy every stock in your account only and based only on realistic data.


to our Mission

Financial planning involves aspiration and planning for events in the distant future. We would rather be The Turtle and stay steadfast on the route planned to achieve the aspirations and goals, rather than be The Rabbit, take short-cuts and risk your future.


over Tradition

Continuous learning is the base of a toddler, passion of an adult and satisfaction of a retired person. Someone well-read and well-informed can go wrong 6 out of 10 times but will have the courage and knowledge to correct and innovate to hand on his conviction.


through Passion for Quality

A set of skills is like wine - the more you age it, the more it excels.